TEST CONTENT FOR WEBSITE: Spelling Competition for Primary Students

The spelling competition event for Class 1 at Nightingale School was a great success! The students put on an impressive display of their spelling skills, which left the judges and audience amazed.

The event started with a brief introduction by the teacher, who welcomed everyone and explained the rules of the competition. The students were then called up to the stage one by one, and they were given a word to spell out loud. Each student had to spell the word correctly to move on to the next round.

The competition was tough, with some tricky words that challenged even the most confident spellers. But the students rose to the occasion, and their hard work and preparation paid off.

After several rounds of intense spelling, only three students remained. They battled it out until the very end, with one student emerging as the winner. The winner was awarded a certificate and a prize, while all the other participants received certificates of participation.

Overall, the spelling competition was a great learning experience for the students, and it helped them to improve their spelling skills. It was also a fun and engaging event for everyone involved, and we look forward to hosting more events like this in the future.

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Venue: School Premise

Ending Date : Feb 28th, 2023