Rules & Regulations

  1. For enrollment at “NIGHTINGALE INTERNATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL”, both the students and parents must comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.
  2. All the students must speak in ENGLISH. If they are caught speaking in any other language, fine will be added to the bill.
  3. Penalty cards will be issued and record will be maintained when students violate any rules. This information will be conveyed to the parents/guardians. They will be expelled if they are issued Red Card.
  4. If your ward is absent, class teachers should be informed in advance. Information can also be sent through sms if phone is not received.
  5. If anyone remains absent without information, sms will be sent to the concerned parents/guardians. Absentee fine will also be added to the bill.
  6. As the office is always busy in various affairs of the school, parents are required to meet the school authorities only by appointment. Parents having appointments are requested to wait patiently until the official finds time to attend them.
  7. Please notify the school about any change of residential or business address or phone number in writing.
  8. Uniform should be changed as instructed by the class teacher or school management.
  9. Parents/guardians must check ward’s hygiene (dress-up, hair, nail, shoes etc.) daily before sending them to school.
  10. Parents/guardians must check and sign the diary daily and make sure that all the home assignment is completed.
  11. If students are caught with mobile or any other electronic devices, they will be confiscated.
  12. School strongly recommends home-made tiffin.
  13. Please, send a bottle of drinking water everyday with your ward.
  14. Parents/guardians are requested to make payments in time. Late payment will be subject to fine.
  15. Please do not allow your wards to wear any jewellery or expensive watch as the school will not be responsible in case of loss of such articles. No books, periodicals, magazines, pictures etc, other than text books and study materials are to be brought to school.
  16. Parents are requested not to engage any teachers from Nightingale School for tuition without prior permission from the school management.
  17. All correspondence and applications from the parents should bear the student’s full name, class and section.
  18. Parents/guardians are requested to ensure regularity and punctuality of their wards in all school activities- curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.
  19. Please, use formal and decent language while talking to the school officials.
  20. Please, don’t insist on student’s promotion if they have failed the Final Exams. Promotion won’t be granted at parent’s request.
  21. Please, don’t try to hide any mistake or mischief of student from the teachers. This will further spoil your ward.
  22. Don’t allow your wards to use the internet or mobiles without your supervision. Cross check their activities on Facebook, YouTube etc. in their absence.
  23. Please, don’t make a call to the school officials at such a time which interferes with their personal life unless it is an emergency.
  24. Please, don’t make any derogatory or insulting remarks about school in public. You can make a complaint about your dissatisfaction to the concerned authority in the office.
  25. Don’t give your ward more money except for the lunch. We don’t allow them to bring more money as it can be misused.