Nightingale Nursing College is aptly named after Florence Nightingale, “The Lady with the Lamp”, who is well-known for her pioneering work in nursing . The Nightingale Nursing College has been founded to meet the pressing need for qualified middle level health workers in the country. On the global scale, Nursing Work force demand is no less. Considering this the Nightingale Nursing College is committed to developing socially responsible and competent nursing work force so that they can be employed not only in Nepal but also in other countries. The need of the hour is to produce adequate number of middle level nursing resources which are necessary for providing quality health care delivery system. Teaching / Learning activities are coordinated by programme co-coordinator under the supervision of principal with the participation of all the faculty members.


Our vision is to deliver quality education in heath sector. We believe that the quality health resource in the health sector will certainly contribute to the people in need of the rural areas. We impart the knowledge skills to our students who will be able to face the emerging challenges in health sectors


Strengthen the human resource development of Nepal by producing competent middle level health resource equipped with the sufficient potentialities required to manage the broad areas of health service.


  • Prepare the students with holistic knowledge and skills in the field of nursing through excellent teaching who can serve to the culturally diverse society.
  • Develop the practical skill of the students through sufficient learning experience in the related field.
  • Enrich the capability of students through the application of advance information technology.
  • Develop the leadership capabilities of students through excellent theoretical and practical learning experience to enhance the quality of service delivery in the sector of health.
  • Develop student’s ability in conducting basic nursing research thereby improving the quality of care.
  • Provide culturally diverse opportunities for students and faculty.


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Nightingale International Secondary School

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