Message from the Principal

Many people believe in the fact that future is uncertain. They opine that what is going to happen in the future is always hard to foretell. For them future is mysterious. To some extent they are right. However, we do not rely fully on what opinion they hold about future. We believe in logical positivism and are optimistic. Since present serves as the foundation for the future, what we are doing today may help us to be insured of tomorrow. Education being the means of leading one to a better life, your investment on the children’s education today is sure to bring good fortune for them tomorrow. In the other sense, we are the sailors in the same boat. We share the same interest and have the same destination. Both of us want to achieve something sublime. We want to assure you that we will certainly be helping you to prove your children to be great achievers. The evidences of our remarkable achievements in the previous S.L.C. & S.E.E. Exams paired with the various awards in different fields are sufficient for you to be assured of this.

Thank you all for making kind assistance and encouragement in the every episode of Nightingale’s biography.