Participation in FWWMUN & GCMUN, Newyork, USA

We have planned to send around 35 students to participate in Future We Want MUN and Global Citizens MUN which are going to be held in Newyork, USA in the month of February. The Future We Want MUN NYC is the most inclusive and diverse conference in the world. It is more than a simple MUN, it gathers students from more than 130 countries. FWWMUN seeks to bring together future generations of leaders from all corners of the globe to gain first-hand experience in international relations, to produce high quality resolutions aimed at bringing about the Future We Want, and to submit these resolutions to relevant UN agencies and world leaders for consideration.

FWWMUN begins with a series of workshops with UN Officials and Diplomats about Youth Involvement, the SDGs and Leadership. Furthermore, during the first committee session, delegates will have the opportunity to engage at a High Level by benefitting from experts in their field on the committee topics. The Global Citizens Model United Nation (GCMUN) is an intense 3-day conference held in New York City. Participating students have had the opportunity to live, work and breathe in the same exact surroundings as their real counterparts – the ambassadors – each day do. Model United Nations around the world are well-known for their huge educational value. Students engage in highly stimulating debates on world-class issues directly selected from the United Nations Agenda. GCMUN boosts on the perfection of important skills of its young participants such as teamwork, necessary to carry a productive debate.